Friday, October 24, 2008

Tall-o-ween bicycle race prize

i took a break on eriks frame to build a frame for a prize for the talloween bicycle race this weekend. its a tig welded single speed frame made of mostly older tange tubing(not quite sure what tubing exactly, but its pretty thick walled) the top tube i purchased along with a bunch of other random tubes from steve garro. the track ends are from henry james. they are designed for a wide range of angles, so i left the tabs completely in tact to go along with the beefy chain stays and the inverted seat stays(which was done so that i could braze the stays directly to the binder. i think it looks classy along with the curved top tube.
powder coat done at organic engines in tallahassee. after the powder coat, i could notice the blems in my tig welds, i used this cheap tig welder that i purchased off ebay that i use for small projects. it doesnt have a foot control, so the amperage must be manually adjusted on the unit. this does not make for pretty welds, but it does the job.


Maxo said...

Nice job Justin!

andersonreed said...


I just came across your blog this morning and its really cool. Congratulations on building for three years - thats no small accomplishment!

I want to offer a few suggestions and requests. As a reader, its really interesting to see photos of the unique design aspects of your builds, and I would like to ask that you write more about your design decisions. As someone who doesnt know anything about fabricating bicycles, I can appreciate a design element on an aesthetic level, but would like to know more about the functional aspects of each part of the bicycle too. If you could pepper in some more commentary on why you chose to build a bike in a particular way that would be rad.

Thanks so much for posting your work online and keep up the good work.

San Francisco