buy a custom old field cycles frame

want a custom Old Field bicycle?
heres how it works:
-we will first discuss what you want in the bicycle, its intended use, your riding style, etc.
-next comes the details about specific components you want to use and materials/style you want for you bicycle frame and at this point i will be able to give you a quote on the cost of your Old Field  bicycle.

-if you are local, we can meet up and we will take your body measurements and the measurements of your current bicycle. if a personal meeting is not possible, i will instruct you on taking  measurements. with your body and bicycle measurements i can get a good idea of the proportions of a bicycle that fits well.

-i will send you a bikeCAD image that we can tweak until we are both happy with it.
- once i receive a deposit for the materials, i will begin building the frame. generally you can expect it to take about 2 months from when i receive the deposit to when the bicycle gets back from getting painted. if i am also building any custom racks or a stem for the frame, it may take a little longer.

you can contact me at