Thursday, March 22, 2012

custom polo frame

just getting started on Ali's custom polo frame. she will be running a surly 1x1 fork with the frame. it will be set up to use either disc or cantilever brakes.
got a pretty sweet tubeset for it. super oversized downtube(35mm) and s bend seat and chainstays. i plan to turn down some thick straight gauge tubing on the lathe to make the headtube. im doing this because i want the headtube to be super strong, the center section of the tube will be machined and the ends where the cups are inserted will be much thicker. i might also gusset the toptube and downtube, although i have been on the fence about this for the longest time since it is a hotly debated issue in the frame building world. One side of the debate says that gussets increase the strength of the frame while others argue that welding gussets just increases the HAZ(heat affected zone) and puts the stress further down the tube.
so i guess it all depends on how long the butted section of the tubing is because i dont want to weld the gussets to the thin section of the tubes.

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