Tuesday, December 14, 2010

polo frame repair

at the all florida bicycle polo tournament, Joshua Michael "A.B." Maes discovered that one of his chain stays was almost completely severed near the bottom bracket. im unsure how this sort of dent would happen, there is also a dent on the seat tube in the same area, so i assume either a mallet shaft or another bike caused it.
he continued to play on the bike and it lasted through the tournament. he sent it home with me and nice line of the crack allowed me to tig weld it very easily. i have never done a repair in a spot like that, but i would say that it should hold up well. if it does end up failing, its in a spot that shouldnt cause a catastrophic failure/wreck. if it does, its all part of playing bicycle polo i guess.

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David O'Brien said...

A.B. First time I met him he was playing with a freshly wired broken jaw... Drooling all over the court.